Salary $ 7.75 is the starting salary ($8.00 if you attended one of the sign up meetings).  Bonuses will be awarded for those who have good attendance, AND have showed quality work.  Workers with previous experience could make more money if their work is high quality and are reliable.


Pay Checks - Your paychecks will come paid at the rate of
 $7.75 / hr.  and we will give you the extra pay in your bonus check to cover the difference at the end of the work season.  Paychecks are mailed out by Pioneer on Wednesdays or Thursdays of the week following the work week, and you should receive them on Friday or Saturday (some cases Monday or Tuesday if the mail is slow).   Common rule is that you receive your check about 5-7 days after the work week finishes. Work week consists of Monday -Sunday, and your paycheck usually comes the next weekend.


Note: Those who are 18 years old will have a starting salary of $8.25/hr, and their checks will come paid at the rate of $8.25/hr. We will then add any bonuses you have earned.



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